Extra Credit Assignments
Total maximum per semester 15 pts
1 pt Write down and make into a word document for the daily warmup, class
notes and homework , and email to me.
All others below 5 points each
Per unit: Create a 20 word crossword puzzle for any subject (both blanka dn with
answer guide (print one of each and email links if possible)
Write a review guide (word or excel format) for any guide except cell bio and genetics.  
It should include all vocabulary and main topics.
Find 10 foreign language websites about a topic you are currently covering
5 week: Cell Biology
Create a song or video about  cell biology, the scientific method, mitosis or anything we
hae done so far this year.
Poster on animal plant or bacteria (all 3 types) cells labeled with parts
Create a model showing transcription and translation or a poster showing transcription,
translation and exocytosis.
10 week: Genetics & Mitosis/Meiosis
Create a script for the play of meiosis we will do 10/16 (or so).
Create a song or video about the Scientific Method, Cell organelles, Mitosis , Protein
synthesis, or meiosis.
15 week: Genetics& Genetic Evolution
Create a poster with the symbols, and examples of dominant and recessive autosomal
and sex linked pedigree charts
Create a poster on how to make a 1 gene punnett square (3 pts)
Create a poster on how to make a 2 gene punnett square
20 Week: Physiology
Poster on 1 organ system and where it can be found around the body
2nd semester
5 week: Evolution
Evidence to support evolution poster
10 Week: Ecology
Water cycle poster ( all 8 resevoirs and 8 processes)
Food pyramid poster with names of organisms at different levels
Poster on parts of the population
15 Week: Revie
Create a study guide, crossword puzzle or powerpoint presentation for any topic
20 Week: Classification Metrics
Poster showing the scientific classification system and example
Poster showing the Metric system and how to convert between units and scientific

Additional ideas will be accepted after discussion with the teacher.